Business Coaching

•  Individual and group coaching/consulting
•  360 degree holistic approach — you are empowered at every step
•  Sophisticated business financial analysis, proven techniques/results

Business Coaching

Technology Strategy

Fact: Tech must be an integral part of your business model!

•  Make technology your competitive advantage
•  Learn how tech creates value, not cost
•  Enhance every aspect of your operations

Technology Strategy

Web Sites

Not all websites are created equal!

•  Industry-proven strategic approaches
•  Achieve your online goals faster, more effectively, and for a lot less
•  Customized solutions that meet your budget, big or small


Ken Nangle Consulting - bring your business to the 21st century

Executive Experience

All Ken Nangle Consulting partners & associates have passed a strict ‘acid test’. That means they have unparalleled communication abilities and are proven experts in their respective fields. With more than 20 years experience each; our team members hit the ground running!

Business Focused

Everything we do revolves around two primary objectives:
How does it empower your company?
How does it benefit you, the business owner?
That’s why we can achieve results faster and more efficiently than traditional consultants.

Strategic Thinking

Simply solving mission-critical emergencies isn’t a good long-term plan. We think strategically with everything we do. That translates into ROI next month, next year, five years from now and beyond. Regardless of the project, we constantly examine how it will provide the most benefit, the most powerful advantage in your marketplace.

Budget oriented

We maximize every consulting dollar you spend thanks to our innovative & creative approaches. We work within your budget, whatever the size, to achieve your goals. And we are upfront about exactly what can be accomplished within your financial constraints. Want to do more with less? We’re your team!

Enterprise Class Technology for small and medium businesses

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